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Our acoustic panels are manufactured locally from medium-density fibre boards (MDF), 750 kg/m3, and are also available in fire-rated MDF boards to suit your fire safety specifications. The wood-based material used in our panels is hydroscopic, yielding an expansion / contraction coefficient of the core material of only 0.3%. They can be installed in environments of up to 70% humidity. The dimensional stability of the MDF core board is maintained by a perforated matrix pattern on the rear of all panels.

Linea 13.8 Cut Away

All materials must be kept dry and stored inside. Care should be taken to avoid sagging or damage to ends, edges and surfaces of panels. All LINEA and REDONDO acoustic panels must be stacked flat, and properly supported on a level platform or on support members, which extend the full width of the panels and are spaced at a maximum of 600mm centres.


Variety is the key to successful design solutions. Architects, interior designers and acoustic engineers appreciate a range of options to suit their design requirements. In response Acoustic Solutions provides six LINEA and four REDONDO acoustic panel ranges that can be customized to suit your particular acoustic, style and décor requirements:

  • LINEA 29.8/2.2
  • LINEA 28.8/3.2
  • LINEA 13.8/2.2
  • LINEA 12.8/3.2
  • LINEA 5.8/2.2
  • LINEA 4.8/3.2
  • REDONDO 32.0/8.0
  • REDONDO 16.0/8.0
  • REDONDO 16.0/6.0
  • REDONDO 8.0/4.0


The LINEA system is manufactured at our Factory in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. It offers superior sound absorption properties and is available in a wide range of modern and aesthetically pleasing colours and finishes. Each order is custom-designed in terms of dimensions and from our wide range of wood veneers, colours and textures. This allows for seamless integration with existing decor schemes.

Linea 13.8
Redondo 16
Redondo 16.0
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Tel +27 (0)21 511 6839
86 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland 7405, Cape Town, South Africa


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