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We specialise in creating custom spaces to suit specific acoustic goals. We’ll work closely with your team to custom-build a LINEA acoustics solutions that perfectly completes your project by offering the best possible acoustics without compromising on style.

The LINEA and REDONDO ceiling & wall systems offer lightweight, decorative and acoustic solutions for commercial applications. They are installed with a two-way suspended grid or directly fixed to wooden battens. The pre-coated face of the supporting grid or edge profile of the panels combines with various surface textures to form a decorative feature ceiling.



Concealed Tee with 6mm shadow line detail

Concealed Tee With 6mm Shadowline Detail

Concealed Tee with bevelled edge detail

Concealed Tee With Bevelled Edge Detail

Exposed Tee lay in application

Exposed Tee Lay In Application

Visible recessed Tee

Visible Recessed Tee


With this system, the acoustic panels can be mounted to present unlimited sequencing, leaving an attractive, joint-free continuous surface, thanks to their precise tongue and groove design. Key to the acoustic shielding is the unique grooved surface pattern. The surface pattern comes in either narrow-spaced grooves, which appear collectively as a textured surface, or wider-spaced grooves, where each individual groove is visible to the eye.

Concealed Tee
Concealed Tee
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